Dhee Ayn, Al-Baha, Saudi Arabia

Who does not enjoy the scent of fresh basil, the sunny color of lemon, and the beautiful hues of nature? When you visit Dhee Ayn, 24 km south of Al-Baha, the magnificent scenery will fascinate you.

Dhee Ayn Village which is also known as The Marble Village, is a 400 year old abandoned stone settlement, built atop a marble hill and is surrounded by Palm groves, banana, vegetable and herbal plantations, a permanent stream of crystal waters, and green natural wilderness. It includes a number of small houses and mosques. The houses have anywhere from two to seven floors.

Locals used shale slabs, slates and rarely of marble pieces carried by camels or on human backs from nearby mountain slopes to construct the homes. Roofs were made of Juniper trees brought in from nearby forests. Porches were decorated with quartz stone and arranged in closely aligned triangles. The village also has a number of fortresses used for monitoring purposes or to defend and protect from raids. The off-white marble hill and grayish black stone structures provide a high contrasting image during the early morning and evening by sunset. Parts of the settlements are dilapidated and a serious renovation of the village is under way.

The village was named after the spring that spouts from the mountain. The spring is known for the abundance and continuous flow of its water. The water flows down from the mountain peak, running between rocks and disappearing and reappearing at different points, painting a surprising and unique image. The spring spills out into several branches and flows into a number of places, and locals have a name for each tributary.

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