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The Saudi Silk Road (The Arabian Peninsula - DMC) is committed to providing unparalleled service to our customers. To achieve this, our mission remains "to build successful and rewarding relationships with all of our valued customers".

We are committed to the fundamental principle that the customer is not only important, but the reason for our business and everyone at Saudi Silk Road (The Arabian Peninsula - DMC) genuinely works to earn and keep much-valued client trust.

In this continually changing market, our clients are more informed than ever about their options. Even so, they continue to select Saudi Silk Road (The Arabian Peninsula - DMC) as their partner of choice because of our experience, integrity, and commitment to quality.

What is a DMC?

A destination management company (DMC) is a local company that provides consulting, creative, and specifically logistics services for tours and events, based on their expert knowledge of the destination.

If your company is planning a tour trip, business trip, Incentive event, congress or convention in Saudi Arabia, the DMC is the team of professionals that will evaluate your needs and objectives and undertake planning, logistics and operations of all the activities you will hold in the destination.


Saudis enjoy a wide range of leisure activities. Families can relax at hundreds of parks, campsites, picnic grounds and other facilities throughout the country.

Long stretches of coast and spectacular coral reefs make water sports such as snorkeling and wind surfing easily accessible. In addition, the Kingdom has established a network of national parks and preserves so that visitors can observe protected wildlife and ecosystems.

The crown jewel of Saudi Arabia's national parks system is the 1.1 million acre Asir National Park. Visitors can hike, camp, climb hills and other outdoor activities in this cool, green paradise. The Kingdom's largest preserve is Al-Khunfah, where visitors can take in spectacular views and observe wildlife such as gazelles and oryx in their natural habitat.

In the cities, people can relax in hundreds of urban parks. Riyadh, the capital, alone – which means "garden" in Arabic – has 50 public parks. The waterfront corniches of Jeddah and Dammam are also popular places for picnics, swimming, fishing and other watersports.

Camping is a popular activity among Saudis. Families pitch tents in the middle of the desert, along the coast or in one of the Kingdom's parks, and enjoy the beauty of nature. These camping trips are popular during the Eid holidays and for family reunions, especially after the rainy season when the desert blooms.

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